Counting My Blessings

How did I help you make real change in your life?

From our first coaching session I knew that Sheena was the coach for me! Sheena is compassionate, encouraging and caring with just the right amount of “tough.” I am a stay at home Mom and just turned 50 this year. I am making some big change in my life both professionally and personally. When I first met Sheena I had so many doubts and fears about pursuing my passion and making changes. It never fails, when I hang up from a coaching session with Sheena I am amazed at how she coaches and challenges me to realize that “I can do this.” Whether I choose to be coached on a personal or professional subject it doesn’t matter, we always finish the session with a sense of accomplishment and or realization. Sheena’s coaching method and style are the perfect fit for me. It’s amazing what we uncover and or accomplish in each session. I highly recommend coach Sheena.

Robyn Sweet

What assignment did you value the most?

Latoya Hart

Sheena is an amazing coach who masterfully combines her wisdom, compassion, and tenacity with proven skills and techniques to ensure you meet your goals. I have learned so much from Sheena during our calls and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to partner with her. She has worked with me to design my personal and professional goals and is available to support me throughout the process and in celebration of milestones.

Kudos, Coach Sheena, your hard work and dedication have been impactful.

What was your most valuable take away from our sessions?

They say things happen for a reason and people are strategically placed in your life. I feel both of these thoughts are true and they come to play in my life with Sheena Brown. Sheena has always been there to provide me with advise, to support me or to simply be a listening ears, so when she express to me that she was pursing being a Life Coach, I knew this would be perfect for her. She proved this to be true with our one on one session. Sheena was able to help me with some feelings I’ve been wrestling around with and change those feelings into actions. I wasn’t ready to go there but Sheena was there and provided me the necessary coaching and support I needed. I took a lot from our session, applied it and things worked out. I can honestly say that I am grateful and thankful for having Sheena. Her skills, motivation and the attention she provides to her clients is amazing. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable, help you realize your potential and give you the support and tools to achieve then look no further than Sheena Brown.

Charrise Everett

What was our first session together like?


T. Gough

Well in the midst of everything I had going today I took the time out to actually meet with my life coach, Coach Sheena Brown today. For me I thought Lord what do we have to talk about that she doesn’t already know about me let me try to spin this honey so she can talk about herself ??? being that my Coach is actually my sis and childhood friend. I was oh so wrong not only did she pull from situations that I am dealing within myself, she also gave me the professional truth, it stung a little. Though it was interesting that she acknowledged something and I had a whoa moment when she said it out loud sheesh thats what i’ve been doing. I must say Sheena knows how to separate friendship with professionalism and left me to dig deep and challenge myself with homework. I am grateful and will be referring people for this awesome service on top of scheduling my own monthly sessions.

How has coaching changed you?

Coach Sheena can improve services by doing more of what she does! When I think of my coaching journey the words GRATEFUL AND BLESSED best describe my experience. My coach helped me turn every test that I was faced with these past 6 months into a testimony, and for that I’m forever grateful!

She gave me homework with some serious thought provoking questions, and by completing the homework assignments I was able to strengthen my relationships with my children, it has taken us to a whole new level. It helped me to re spark the romance in my marriage, and it also helped me to cope with my coworkers when faced with challenging,stressful situations.

She encouraged me to embrace my life’s purpose on a daily basis which is “I am a witness for Christ and through him I can do all things.”

My coach was absolutely amazing and because of her challenging me to be the best me that I can be has made me a much stronger individual. She also taught me to allow my voice to be heard, because what I have to say is important! She encouraged me to live life to the fullest because you only get one shot at it.

This coaching experience has changed my life forever, and I will cherish every session! It has definitely been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my lifetime!

Thank you Coach Sheena you are absolutely amazing at what you do! Please continue to allow your Coaching light to shine and touch the lives of every individual you get the opportunity to coach, because for me you have been a Life Changer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


K. Douglas

What has our work together helped you discover?

M. Brewster

Sheena is a wonderful coach. I definitely think this is a natural fit for her. It amazes me how she is able to get you to open up. What is even more amazing is how in such a short time, she just about figured me out. She could tell when things weren’t going good in my life. Even when I was trying to hide how I was feeling, and just get through the session, It’s like she knew, and wanted to help me through the issues. She definitely has helped me to see some things in me that I didn’t know was there, and she just reinforced some of the things that I knew I had to do, but neglected. She is very personable, she is very smart, she can make you feel like you are talking to your best friend, or if you want it STRICTLY professional, she can/will do that also. As I stated in the beginning of this, she is definitely doing something she is supposed to be doing, in my opinion. It is no secret that things have seemingly gotten better in my life. From facing fears (I went skydiving), to some other things, I can honestly say there is some correlation between the things I have done in recent history, with the recent time I have spent in Coach Sheena’s sessions. She is only scratching the service. The best is yet to come for her.

Even more blessings

Sheena has been a great ear to bend in my time of personal discovery. I never thought I would be an individual with a life coach and what do you know, I have one in Sheena Brown. Sheena is a straight shooter that does not allow me to dwindle in my pity parties, not that I have many, but between family, work, and just life, Sheena is able to assist with a constant reminder that as hard or as difficult things are now, there is always some aspect to be “grateful” or “thankful” for – and for the pessimist that lives within, I want to say thank you.

Julie Carter


Coach Sheena is wonderful!! The confidence she radiates in herself is very contagious. She is inspiring and ​​motivational. Partnering with her has been a gift.

A. Takei

Thanks for taking the time with me last night – even if I did spend much more than my allotted 20 minutes (which also shows your dedication to clients, if we need a few more minutes to work an idea out, you have the time for us). :) As a very logical person, AHA moments are not something I am chasing very often, as I am always just focused on moving forward, but in the area that we spoke, it was nice to figure out WHY certain things were causing my undue stress and ways to mitigate moving forward. What a great way to start a week.

A. Moody

It was a pleasure to converse with you and I appreciate your session as you have guided me in a positive direction.I have prioritized my goals, thank you for inspiring me and others. God bless you as you venture on your journey of enriching lives!

L. Wilson

It was a pleasure to converse with you and I appreciate your session as you have guided me in a positive direction.I have prioritized my goals, thank you for inspiring me and others. God bless you as you venture on your journey of enriching lives!

B. Cooper

I want to thank you for your insight and directing me to “act now”… You’re truly fulfilling your purpose which is to inspire others and motivate them to do just what you are…Living life on your own terms!

D. Moore

Thank you so much. You made me realize a number of important things about myself and my goals. I have a lot of work to do.

S. Walker

God definitely has blessed you with a gift. Being a Life Coach is your calling. Thanks for the empowering session.

S. MacFarland

After having my one on one with Coach Sheena today…time to make my vision come off paper into reality.

K. Purvis