Sheena Brown

Adjust your focus. Look beyond the life picture you’re painting and seek truth. Your painting is only one perspective of you. There’s so much more to be seen when you look beyond the canvas in front of you.Sheena Brown

Sheena Brown works to bring focus and clarity to your life and goals. She believes people shouldn’t live a life that keeps you busy; instead you should aim to be productive. Helping you remove distractions and find your true purpose propels you closer to your success. She’s assisted clients like you find career direction, establish strong business models, build healthy relationships, and set and achieve attainable goals.  Let Sheena help you reach your highest level of success yet! You can barely survive or you can CHOOSE to thrive!


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Sheena Brown, ACC: Change Maker, Certified Life Coach

Sheena Brown is a dynamic and passionate success-aholic who coaches millennial women on their own journey to personal and professional success.

Sheena assists them in breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of self-discovery, love, passion, and fulfillment. As a 32 year old entrepreneur, there’s no doubt Sheena practices what she preaches! Leaving her corporate career, and six-figure income with benefits, Sheena is following her passion for helping women just like you.

Sheena Brown has spent her entire life conquering success and yours is no different.

Raised in Rochester, New York in a drug-addicted, single-parent household, the odds were always stacked against her. However, she never let her circumstances stand in the way of success. Instead, she challenged statistics and became the first in her family to go to college and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from George Mason University.

While Sheena always worked hard, it wasn’t until starting her own non-profit Uplifting S.I.S.T.E.R.S. that Sheena discovered her true passion to help others. As an Uplifting S.I.S.T.E.R.S mentor, Sheena worked with inner city girls and empowered them to help them overcome adverse situations. Her work in the non-profit sector afforded Sheena the opportunity to assist girls with increasing self-esteem, fostering self-empowerment and equipping them with tools necessary to set, meet and exceed their goals and become successful.

As a success coach, Sheena Brown advocates for her clients, helping them realize their goals, turning tribulations into triumphs, and helping them enjoy the progress along the way.Sheena Brown life coach

In addition to coaching young thriving millennial clients in claiming success, she is a wife and mother. Between the ongoing jokes with her husband, dancing to the latest KidzBop album with her young daughter, pursuing her life coaching practice full-time, training her fitness clients, and preparing for her next speaking engagement, Sheena’s days are jam-packed. Her calendar is full but far from chaotic; she dictates her time and, as a result, she has time for the important things. It is appropriate that she seeks to dispel the glorification of being busy.